Are you a looking to sell or buy a Maine Sporting Camp ?

This website is designed to bring people who are looking to buy a sporting camp in Maine together together with someone who has a Maine sporting camp for sale.   Buying or selling a Maine sporting camp should not be a difficult task.  You should have a place where you can list your camps if you wish to sell, or if you are a buyer, a place where you can see what is available without searching all over the web!

There are sporting camps in Maine that you can drive to on a paved road the entire way.  Other camps may require walking in, boating or flying to reach them.  Many of the sporting camps are located on a body of water, either a pond, lake, stream or river.  There are a number of camps that are located with just woods around,  which usually cater to the hunting groups and other activities such as  snowmobiling, ATVing, hiking, photography and more that does not require a body of water nearby.  (Although many camps that are not located on a body of water are located in close proximity to one.)

Consider whether you are looking for a camp that offers 4 season activities as opposed to a place that has a 2 or 3 season operation.  Many places that are operating for only 2 or 3 seasons may be able to operate year round to include activities such as fishing  hunting, biking, ATV riding, snowmobiling, cross country skiing, snow shoeing, recreational education, and site seeing.  The outdoor possibilities are limited only by your imagination! Many people are looking for place to make a base camp so that they can do photography, hiking and other similar activities that can all take place from a great location that is close enough to enjoy without a lot of extra traveling around after they get there.  A relaxing vacation is what some folks look forward to each year.  Just to sit back and relax, enjoy a book, listen to the loons, or just the wind blowing gently though the trees is another activity, or lack of activity, that many people reward themselves with each year while visiting a sporting camp. 

Are your sporting camps for sale?

If your camp is for sale, put it on this site and watch it move!  There is someone out there looking for the lifestyle that you are living, it is just a matter of getting everyone together.  You own a very unique and special place and you should be able to connect to a special person who is looking to live the lifestyle of a sporting camp owner. 

Campgrounds are welcome to list as well

Campground operators have a similar way of life at many of their operations.  You are outdoor, working around guests who are on vacation and looking to enjoy themselves.  There are a large number of campgrounds that are located away from the center of towns and built up areas.  Although typically campgrounds are not as far back in the woods as sporting camps, they can still offer a very rewarding way of life.  Most campgrounds are not in operation all year as tenting out or using a camper trailer or RV during the winter does have a certain number of obstacles.

Private camps and cabins

If you are looking for a private camp or cabin, you may be able to find what you are looking for here as well.  There are camps and cabins for fishing, snowmobiling, hunting and vacationing listed for your convenience.  If there are not any listed at this time, check back as one never knows what will be listed next!

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